Cannabis Industry Staffing Services

$450.00 / day

We perform the sourcing and vetting of candidates for positions open with our clients in the cannabis industry. For $450/day per opening, you will be assigned one of our recruiting professionals who will work with you one on one to develop a sourcing strategy. This strategy will be carried our by our recruiting professional. We dive into our pipeline of candidates and various sources to bring the best people to the surface. We will vet all candidates against your specific needs. This unique approach to recruiting gives you the ability to scale your recruiting process based on your needs.


Need access to more candidates? We can help. Our team of staffing professionals have the skills and experience to source the passive candidates you need to fill your openings. We can quickly create a pipeline of qualified candidates for an of your open positions. No matter if you need one, or one-hundred new employees we have the ability to find them for you. We perform the sourcing and screening of all candidates. You will be delivered daily list of new candidates, along with the screening information gathered by our recruiters. These vetted candidates will be accessed against any predetermined factors you might have. Note there is a 5 day minimum engagement for this service.


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