Muskegon Michigan finalizes medical marijuana overlay district, application

MUSKEGON, MI – Muskegon’s budding medical marijuana industry was christened Tuesday night as city leaders voted to approve the application process for prospective growers and dispensary owners.

The Muskegon City Commission also approved changes to its medical marijuana overlay district, combining what were two parcels of land into one parcel.

Commissioners approved both measures this week during their regular meeting on May 8. The application process and the zoning requirements were the final hang-ups to be sorted before Muskegon could begin vetting applicants or issue licenses.

The commission approved the bulk of its medical marijuana ordinance in late April. It allows for growers and dispensaries to operate inside a specially zoned district off Seaway Drive.

The city will not put a cap on the number of licenses it approves, meaning that if space allows, an unlimited number of dispensaries would be able to operate in Muskegon. Other cities in Muskegon County which approved similar measures have opted to put stringent caps on approved licenses.

With the ordinance, the city has opted in to new state rules that allow medical marijuana plants and products to be grown, manufactured and sold at provisioning centers.

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