Cannabis Industry Now the Fastest-Growing Employment Sector

If you’re looking for a job, look into marijuana. According to, it’s the fastest-growing employment sector. How fast? No other industry can compare.

At a U.S. News & World Report conference, Ian Siegel, co-founder and CEO of, tried to put it into perspective. Technology jobs have grown 245 percent year-over-year, and healthcare positions have risen 70 percent. In comparison, “Twenty-nine states have legalized marijuana. There’s 445 percent job growth in job listings in the category year-over-year,” he notes.

And available jobs in marijuana are only continuing to increase. In the last quarter of 2017, marijuana job postings increased 693 percent year-over-year and 79 percent quarter-over-quarter. With more states passing legal marijuana laws all the time—nine states in 2016 alone—there doesn’t seem to be an end in sight.

So, as a job seeker, where are all these marijuana jobs? They’re all over the U.S., but concentrated in legal cannabis states.

Colorado, California and Washington had the highest number of total marijuana job posts in 2017. California in particular is a strong cannabis employer, with four cities in the list of the top ten most marijuana job openings. Of course, it makes sense, as the state recently legalized recreational cannabis in January.

One surprise top marijuana employment states is Florida. Though the state legalized medical cannabis in 2016, they’ve suffered from an overabundance of regulations. Still, two Florida cities made it into the top ten list.

According to the analysis by, the top ten cities for jobs in marijuana are:

Los Angeles, CA
San Francisco, CA
Denver, CO
Seattle, WA
Miami, FL
Portland, OR
Las Vegas, NV
San Jose, CA
Santa Barbara, CA
Tallahassee, FL

What does it all mean? That legalizing marijuana is good for the economy. It creates a safer, more stable job market and drives growth. Research from New Frontier Data suggests that if cannabis were legalized in all 50 states, it would immediately create 782,000 jobs, growing to 1.1 million jobs by 2025.

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