Best High Paying Marijuana Jobs In The Legal Cannabis Industry

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The marijuana industry is states that have legalized cannabis for recreation use are seeing a huge growth in all aspects of the business. There are many different positions from the ones you would expect like growers and budtenders, but other positions such as marketing, accounting, and chemist are starting to become more common to see on job boards. It is a great time in the industry for many people to find their dream job. Lets take a closer look at some of the positions found, and what they pay.

Sales Professionals – Every company needs sales to grow. From the guy making cold calls to the budtender working directly with the public. There are many levels of sales from VP, Director, to inside and outside sales professionals. The marijuana industry there are needs for sale professionals pitching goods from LED lights, soil, nutrients, software applications, and more that are aside from growing flower and wax.

Salaries for sales professionals can vary depending on the compensation structure the particular company sets for its employees. Typically you will see sales compensation rates from $50,000 to well over $100,000.

Retail Store Manager – Every dispensary needs someone to run it. This might be the owner of the dispensary, but typically they have a right hand man that makes sure the shelves are stocked with good buds, and customers are happy. This is the public facing side of the business, so expect the unexpected.

Salaries for store managers retail store managers varies by store to store depending on how well that dispensary is doing in terms of sales. Expect to make from $50,000 – $75,000+

Bud-Tender – If you know a lot about marijuana and its effects a position as a budtender might be the perfect job for you. Many dispensary have both full and part time needs for budtenders. These positions are typically hourly and you can expect to see pay rates around minimum wax or slightly higher.

Master Grower – If you have a green thumb, or more importantly a higher degree in horticulture then Master Grower might be the job for you. With the boom we are seeing in the industry a good grower is becoming harder and harder to find. A true guru knows how to cultivate various strains, is an expert at growing methods and technologies.

Salaries for Master Marijuana Grower can be as much as $100,000+

Dispensary Owner – The dispensary owner is the big cheese. They need to be up on all aspects on the business from rules and regulations to the newest movements in the industry. Like any small business owner they have their hand in everything and wear many hats.

Salaries vary for Dispensary Owners depending on how well their business is doing, but expect to make $100,000 for all your hard work.



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